2 Ways to Get Started Making Money Online With ZERO Costs


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You may wondered how to get started making money online as a complete beginner. Some of you may have been purchasing “ultimate blueprints” one after another but have yet  to earn a single dime because you are lost. Well, here are 2 ways to get yourself on the right track. No gimmicks, no fluff, and most importantly, no costs.

Sell Yourself on a Free Market

If you’ve always wanted to sell something online but feared the costs and risks of running your own website, why not start off listing your stuff on a marketplace for FREE? Yes, there are many online markets that allow you to sell your products and services absolutely free.

The biggest one in the industry is Fiverr where you can sell anything under the Sun as a $5 gig.

You don’t have to fork out any upfront costs just to advertise your stuff. You only need to pay a commission AFTER you earn a sale, and this process is usually automated as well.

Getting your first sale can be difficult as you don’t have any customer base or any reputation to convince buyers. However, you can easily compensate that by showing free samples of your work to set the ball rolling. Once you’ve made your first few sale and gotten good feedback, it will naturally pick up from there.

Get an Online Job as a Freelancer

While waiting for orders to come in, why not provide your services as a freelance worker? There are many freelance job directories where you can apply for an online job. You can complete the job online without leaving your house, and get paid. They have a multitude of niches, so you can simply find one that fits your skills.

My personal favorite is ODesk as it is more explicit in the job listings and is more fair with the way it deals with its job applications.

You will have to compete with many other workers applying for the same job, but once you’ve secured ythe deal, you’ve basically secured another source of profit. Some of the employers will even offer to hire you for the long term, and before you know it, you’ve already secured a secondary income!

Expanding Your Income Outreach

Once you have earned some money after selling a while, you will want to plan your route and expand your sources of income. Advertise your services on a bigger marketplace, such as the Warriors for Hire Section in the Warrior Forum. It will cost you $20 to advertise there, but the traffic you can get there is massive.

Most people will eventually start their own online business, setting up their own websites to take orders, provide support and promote their business for all they want! Running your own business website can be fairly costly as you need to purchase a lot of professional tools to make sure it can function well.

However, it’s better to eventually have your own website when you have earned enough profits, as you have the freedom to control the site as you want. It is also more convenient to aggregate all orders in one place.

There you have it; 2 ways to make money without any upfront costs. Now there is no excuse for not having any cash to get started, so let’s get cracking! If you’re wondering what kind of profitable service of product can you provide without any technical skills, do check out our post on highly demanded services that you can easily provide .

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